The NBN has reached saturation point, the NBN has hit peak capacity, and we’re about to hit peak data transmission

The NBN is about to reach saturation point.And it’s not even halfway to it.In fact, the next two years will be worse than the past three.NBN Co says that peak data rates will reach a record high of 6.4Gbps on average by the end of the decade, up from the average of 5.6Gbps currently.But that’s…

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The NBN is about to reach saturation point.

And it’s not even halfway to it.

In fact, the next two years will be worse than the past three.

NBN Co says that peak data rates will reach a record high of 6.4Gbps on average by the end of the decade, up from the average of 5.6Gbps currently.

But that’s not all.

The NBN has been able to keep delivering on its peak data speed commitments despite the saturation of demand for fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) and optical fibre, and despite a slowdown in the uptake of optical fibre and the loss of capacity.

If it continues at the current rate, peak data speeds could reach as high as 14Gbps by the year 2020, and as much as 32Gbps, according to the NBN Co report released on Wednesday.

This means that the NBN will have to deliver more than 20 times more fibre than it has today.

Fibre-to a node is an essential part of the NBN’s business model.

The network uses the transmission of data to deliver a download speed to a customer’s premises, and to ensure that the data is delivered to customers’ homes or businesses.

It also allows the network to deliver services such as TV, phone, and Internet.

While peak data has been a major driver of the network’s growth, the network has been in an even more precarious situation than usual.

A recent report by the Commonwealth Office of National Assessments found that NBN Co’s peak capacity had fallen from 4.8Gbps to 1.3Gbps over the past year, and that peak speeds had dropped from 7Gbps in 2017 to 6Gbps this year.

As the NBN is now in the process of rolling out fibre-optic cables across the country, the networks capacity has dropped to below 1Gbps.

Given that the network is struggling to keep up with peak demand, NBN Co said that peak capacity would only continue to fall.

Its report says that the average peak speed of a customer has dropped from about 30Gbps at the start of this year to 18Gbps today, and the average upload speed has dropped below 7Gps to just under 5Gbps now.

That’s a significant reduction in the network capacity, but it’s hardly enough to make it any faster than it is now.

And that’s assuming that peak demand continues.

One NBN Co executive said that, even if the network can keep delivering more capacity, it would still need to be able to provide the service it already offers, with better reliability and higher speeds.

“There’s still a lot of work to do,” he said.

“We’re going to continue to deliver the network that it is, and I think it will be a much better system for a much longer period of time.”

It’s a worrying trend.

Australia’s broadband network has seen a massive drop in the past decade.

We’ve seen a big drop in overall network capacity.

And while it’s true that some networks have been able, at times, to meet peak demand with lower peak speeds, it’s clear that this will not be the case for the NBN for many years to come.

So the question remains: will the NBN survive?

We’ll find out when the NBN rolls out fibre to the premises in 2021, and then it’ll be up to the rest of the nation to decide how it responds to this massive disruption.

Read more from the Australian Financial Press here.


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